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Adobe Illustrator is a long standing favorite Adobe resource. Adobe Illustrator is the favorite vector design tool of thousands of design professionals due to the vast amount of creative possibilities offered in the application.

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Once you gain a foundation and some experience using Illustrator’s core skills, you are ready for Level 2 training. In Level 2 class, content is covered at a faster pace and additional focus is placed on use of shortcuts and real world ‘tips and tricks’ to improve your workflow.

Each lesson includes unique and challenging project files. The Level 2 class also goes more thoroughly into advanced topics with some of the project files from our Level 1 courses.

IMPORTANT: To ensure you have the necessary skills for successful participation in this course you should be able to accomplish the topics in the Level 1 course. To review see:

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Course Objectives

Using Shapes to Create Artwork for a Postcard

Using Image Trace to convert raster images into editable vector art

Cleaning up traced artwork

Editing and Combining Shapes and Paths

Creating a compound path

Combining shapes

Working with the Shape Builder tool

Assemble drawn objects

Combining objects using Pathfinder effects

Understanding shape modes

Reshaping a path

Using the Width tool

Drawing with the Pen Tool

Brief review – as needed

Using Color to Enhance Artwork

Brief Review – using swatches and using global color

Creating and saving a tint of a color

Creating a color group

Using the Color Guide panel for Creative inspiration

Editing a color group in the Edit Colors dialog box

Editing colors in artwork

Recoloring artwork

Working with Live Paint

Creating a Live Paint group

Painting with the Live Paint Bucket tool

Modifying a Live Paint group

Adding Type to a Project

Creating and applying text styles

Creating and applying a paragraph style

Editing a paragraph style

Creating and applying a character style

Editing a character style

Organizing Your Artwork with Layers

Collecting into a new layer

Duplicating layer content

Pasting layers

Applying appearance attributes to layers

Creating a clipping mask

Gradients, Blends and Patterns

Starting the lesson

Working with gradients

Applying a linear gradient to a fill

Editing a gradient

Saving a gradient

Adjusting a linear gradient fill

Applying a linear gradient to a stroke

Editing a gradient on a stroke

Applying a radial gradient to artwork

Editing the colors in the radial gradient

Adjusting the radial gradient

Applying gradients to multiple objects

Adding transparency to gradients

Working with blended objects

Creating a blend with specified steps

Modifying a blend

Creating and editing a smooth color blend

Painting with patterns

Applying an existing pattern

Creating your own pattern

Applying your pattern

Editing your pattern

Creating Artwork for a T-Shirt

Starting the lesson

Working with symbols

Using existing Illustrator symbol libraries

Editing a symbol

Working with dynamic symbols

Creating a symbol

Duplicating symbols

Replacing symbols

Breaking a link to a symbol

Working with Creative Cloud libraries

Adding assets to CC libraries

Using library assets

Updating a library asset

Working with global editing

Placing and Working with Images

Starting the lesson

Combining artwork

Placing image files

Placing an image

Transforming a placed image

Cropping an image

Placing a Photoshop document

Placing multiple images

Masking images

Applying a simple mask to an image

Editing a clipping path (mask)

Masking an object with text

Creating an opacity mask

Editing an opacity mask

Working with image links

Finding link information

Embedding and unembedding images

Replacing an image

Sharing Projects (Exporting Assets)

Starting the lesson

Fixing the missing image link

Creating a PDF

Exporting artboards and assets

Exporting artboards

Exporting assets


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Students should have experience with Illustrator and working knowledge of the skills covered in Core Skills: Level 1. Specifically, you should be familiar with the work area, be able to make selections, have some experience creating and editing shapes, as well as making transformations, using the drawing tools, and working with color, type, and layers. For more information on the Level 1 course, go to:

Illustrator CC Core Skills: Level 1

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