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Upon successful completion of the course and the subsequent test, participants will have much of the information that they need as a manager or technician to incorporate the Dark Web security into their organization’s umbrella of policies, controls, and tools. They will be familiar with the underlying complex technology and industry terminology to successfully leverage the Dark Web to strengthen security posture, establish relevant policy and procedure, and detect exfiltrated assets.


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Certified Dark Web Analyst (CDWA)

In just four days of in-depth, focused training, go beyond IT security basics and expand your knowledge into the threats facing the enterprise from the Dark Web in this powerful program!

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Course Objectives

The material is presented at an intermediate to advanced technical level while providing a cursory review of IT security and privacy fundamentals. Experience with and knowledge of security concepts, operating systems, and application systems will help you get a full understanding of the challenges that you will face as a Dark Web security professional.
Typical Courseware Labs
Use Dark Web tools to address anonymous searches and online reconnaissance
Apply the Privacy and Anonymity Matrix®
Utilize TOR to search for exfiltrated data
Use hashing tools for cryptographic file and communication validation
Explore tools to establish repositories for private organization information
Anonymous Browsing and identity tools
Generate Secure Operating Systems for Investigation and Research
Exam Preparation
The Certified Dark Web Analyst® certification is recognized as an advanced achievement for IT security professionals. The course presentation and accompanying courseware textbook covers the Dark Web Council Common Body of Knowledge required to pass the Certified Dark Web Analyst® CDWA exam. However, real-world experience and exposure to additional information technology concepts, skills, and management will better position a testing candidate.
Certification Exam
100 scenario-based and multiple-choice information questions.
Two hours duration, On-line testing



Online Labs

Course Outline

The Dark Web Council Certified Dark Web Analyst® (CDWA) certification is the primary foundational certification, which includes:

Domain 1 –Fundamentals of IT Security
A walkthrough of fundamental IT and risk concepts and foundations as applied to the Dark Web

Domain 2 –Governance, Risk, and Compliance
An exploration of organizational concepts, risk management, and legal/regulatory concerns.

Domain 3 –History of the Internet, Deep Web, and Dark Web
A historical account of modern networking and the origins and definitions of the Web

Domain 4 –Networking and Routing
A technical account of modern networking and the role of TOR and Dark Net infrastructure.

Domain 5 –Anonymity, Content, and You
A discussion and explanation of technical and organizational implications for anonymity.

Domain 6 –Data Discovery and Analytics on the Dark Web
A high-level framework of analysis including GRC implications and security recommendations.

Who Should Attend?

Managers who want to understand information security beyond simple terminology and concepts
IT engineers and supervisors who need to know how to build a defensible network against Dark Web attacks
Administrators responsible for building and maintaining systems that are being targeted by attackers
Forensics Specialists, penetration testers, and auditors need a solid foundation of Dark Web security principles to be as effective as possible at their jobs
IT executives and management personnel involved in formulating business continuity and regulatory requirement plans for the protection of the enterprise

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