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We are a premier provider of EXP-401 Offensive Security OSEE TrainingModern exploits for Windows-based platforms require modern bypass methods to circumvent Microsoft’s defenses. In Advanced Windows Exploitation, our expert instructors will challenge students to develop creative solutions that work in today’s increasingly difficult exploitation environment.


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Invest in a secure future with offensive security training from the developers of Kali Linux. Offensive Security certifications are the most well-recognized and respected in the industry. Our courses focus on real-world skills and applicability, preparing you for real-life challenges and offensive security expertise!

Offensive Security PWK/OSCP

Offensive Security OSEE Training Course Overview

The OSEE is the most difficult exploit development certification you can earn. We recommend completing the 300- level certifications before registering for this course.

Students who complete EXP-401 and pass the exam will earn the Offensive Security Exploitation Expert (OSEE) certification. The OSEE exam assesses not only the course content, but also the ability to think laterally and adapt to new challenges.

The virtual lab environment has a limited number of target systems. The software within contains specific, unknown vulnerabilities. Students have 72 hours to develop and document exploits. The exam requires a stable, high-speed internet connection.

You must submit a comprehensive penetration test report as part of the exam. It should contain in-depth notes and screenshots detailing the steps taken and the exploit methods used.

Offensive security training

Course Prerequisites

All students are required to have:

  • Experience in developing windows exploits and understand how to operate a debugger. Familiarity with WinDBG, x86_64 assembly, IDA Pro and basic C/C++ programming is highly recommended. A willingness to work and put in real effort will greatly help students succeed in this security training course.
  • A laptop that is able to run three VMs with ease. Please do not bring netbooks or other low-resolution systems. The only supported host operating system is Windows 10.
      • VMware Workstation 15 or higher
      • 64-bit CPU with a minimum of 4 cores along with support for NX, SMEP, VT-d/IOMMU and VT-x/EPT
      • At least 160 GB HD free
      • At least 16 GB of RAM
Offensive Security PWK/OSCP

Competencies Gained

  • Bypass and evasion of user mode security mitigations such as DEP, ASLR, CFG, ACG and CET
  • Advanced heap manipulations to obtain code execution along with guest-to-host and sandbox escapes
  • Disarming WDEG mitigations and creating version independence for weaponization
  • 64-Bit Windows Kernel Driver reverse engineering and vulnerability discovery
  • Bypass of kernel mode security mitigations such as kASLR, NX, SMEP, SMAP, kCFG and HVCI
Offensive security training

Topics Covered

  • Custom Shellcode Creation
  • Writing Exploit Code
  • Shellcode Framework Creation
  • Reverse Shell
  • VMware Workstation Guest-To-Host Escape
  • Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
  • VMware Workstation Guest-To-Host Escape
  • Driver Callback Overwrite
  • Address Space Layout Randomization
  • VMware Workstation Internals
  • The Windows Heap Memory Manager
  • Low Fragmentation Heap
  • Restoring the Execution Flow
  • Windows Defender Exploit Guard
  • ROP Mitigations
  • Unsanitized User-mode Callback

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      Offensive Security PWK/OSCP

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