Enjoy the best in VMware vSphere Troubleshooting [V8] Training

This five-day training course provides you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve competence in troubleshooting the VMware vSphere® 8 environment. This course increases your skill level and competence in using the command-line interface, VMware vSphere® Client™, log files, and other tools to analyze and solve problems.

vmware vsphere 6.7

VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting v8

vmware vsphere 6.7

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives: 

      • Introduce troubleshooting principles and procedures
      • Use command-line interfaces, log files, and the vSphere Client to diagnose and resolve problems in the vSphere environment
      • Explain the purpose of common vSphere log files
      • Identify networking issues based on reported symptoms
      • Validate and troubleshoot the reported networking issue
      • Identify the root cause of networking issue
      • Implement the appropriate resolution to recover from networking problems
      • Analyze storage failure scenarios using a logical troubleshooting methodology
      • identify the root cause of storage failure
      • Apply the appropriate resolution to resolve storage failure problems
      • Troubleshoot vSphere cluster failure scenarios
      • Analyze possible vSphere cluster failure causes
      • Diagnose common VMware vSphere® High Availability problems and provide solutions
      • Identify and validate VMware ESXiTM host and VMware vCenter® problems
      • Analyze failure scenarios of ESXi host and vCenter problems
      • Select the correct resolution for the failure of ESXi host and vCenter problems
      • Troubleshoot virtual machine problems, including migration problems, snapshot problems, and connection problems
      • Troubleshoot performance problems with vSphere components
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vmware vsphere 6.7

Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives

        vmware vsphere 6.7

        Introduction to Troubleshooting

        • Define the scope of troubleshooting
        • Use a structured approach to solve configuration and operational problems
        • Apply troubleshooting methodology to logically diagnose faults and improve troubleshooting efficiency
        vmware vsphere 6.7

        Troubleshooting Tools

        • Discuss the various methods to run commands
        • Discuss the various ways to access ESXi Shell
        • Use commands to view, configure, and manage your vSphere components
        • Use the vSphere CLI
        • Use ESXCLI commands from the vSphere CLI
        • Use Data Center CLI commands
        • Identify the best tool for command-line interface troubleshooting
        • Identify important log files for troubleshooting vCenter Server and ESXi
        • Describe the benefits and capabilities of VMware SkylineTM
        • Explain how VMware Skyline works
        • Describe VMware SkylineTM Health
        • Describe VMware Skyline AdvisorTM

        vmware vsphere 6.7

        Troubleshooting Virtual Networking

        • Analyze and troubleshoot standard switch problems
        • Analyze and troubleshoot virtual machine connectivity problems
        • Analyze and troubleshoot management network problems
        • Analyze and troubleshoot distributed switch problems

            vmware vsphere 6.7

            Troubleshooting Storage

            • Discuss the vSphere storage architecture
            • Identify the possible causes of problems in the various types of datastores
            • Analyze the common storage connectivity and configuration problems
            • Discuss the possible storage problems causes
            • Solve the storage connectivity problems, correct misconfigurations, and restore LUN visibility
            • Review vSphere storage architecture and functionality necessary to troubleshoot storage problems
            • Use ESXi and Linux commands to troubleshoot storage problems
            • Analyze log file entries to identify the root cause of storage problems
            • Investigate ESXi storage issues
            • Troubleshoot VM snapshots
            • Troubleshoot storage performance problems
            • Review multipathing
            • Identify the common causes of missing paths, including PDL and APD conditions
            • Solve the missing path problems between hosts and storage devices

              IT and Cybersecurity

              Troubleshooting vSphere Clusters

              • Identify and troubleshoot vSphere HA problems
              • Analyze and solve vSphere vMotion problems
              • Diagnose and troubleshoot common vSphere DRS problems
              vmware vsphere 6.7

              Troubleshooting Virtual Machines

              • Discuss virtual machine files and disk content IDs
              • Identify, analyze, and solve virtual machine snapshot problems
              • Troubleshoot virtual machine power-on problems
              • Identify possible causes and troubleshoot virtual machine connection state problems
              • Diagnose and recover from VMware Tools installation failures
              vmware vsphere 6.7


              • Discuss CPU and memory concepts in a virtualized environment
              • Describe what overcommitment of a resource means
              • Identify additional technologies that improve memory usage
              • Configure and manage resource pools
              • Describe methods for optimizing CPU and memory usage
              • Use various tools to monitor resource usage
              • Create and use alarms to report certain conditions or events

              vmware vsphere 6.7

              Troubleshooting vCenter Server and ESXi

              • Analyze and solve vCenter Server service problems
              • Diagnose and troubleshoot vCenter Server database problems
              • Use vCenter Server Appliance shell and the Bash shell to identify and solve problems
              • Identify and troubleshoot ESXi host problems



                  This course requires completion of one the following courses:

                  • VCP-DCV certification
                  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage
                  • VMware vSphere: Operate, Scale and Secure

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                    vmware vsphere 6.7

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