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Experience our award winning Data Analyst Training

Our best-in-class self-paced Data Analyst Training Program provides you with the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to qualify for high-paying Data Analyst jobs.  Join us for the most successful data analyst training available and launch your next stage of career success!

Get Practical Experience That Well Over 95% Of Data Analyst Job Openings Require.

Our training doesn’t consist of a set of video lectures followed by unguided work assignments, as is the case with all other Data Analyst training programs. Instead, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based training platform delivers you bite-sized knowledge that is immediately followed by hands-on exercises, during which the platform watches your every step and helps you with contextual help, hints, and templates, as needed; and you have a personal tutor and coach who help you every step of the way.

Get A Great Data Analyst Job

We ensure that you will get a great job when you finish your training by providing you:

  • The necessary skills and experience to do the job;
  • A professional portfolio of completed projects;
  • A letter of recommendation from your personal tutor;
  • Preparation for a successful job interview.

We are proud to report that all of the people who took our career training to get better jobs or to grow in their current jobs have done so in very short order after graduating and often before graduating.

    Students Love Our Hands-On Data Analyst Training

    Trainees love our hands-on training with instant assessment because it gives them both a feeling of accomplishment and the confidence needed to go out and apply their new knowledge. Interestingly, while other online courses have a less than 10% completion rate, our completion rate is close to 100%.

    Data Analyst Training Success Elements

    • Become qualified and job-ready;
    • Get a high paying Data Analyst job as soon as you graduate;
    • Get personal coaching and tutoring throughout your training;
    • Learn-by-doing hands-on exercises build your competency and confidence and provide a feeling of accomplishment;
    • Never miss training sessions because of family and work requirements.


      What is the job market for Data Analysts?

      Virtually all enterprises have now reached “data overload” and need Data Analysts to help them make sense of the massive amounts of information so that management can make better and faster decisions.

      Interestingly, distance employment has gained acceptance in the Data Analytics field and it allows you to work in place, independent of where you live.

      How much can I earn as a Data Analyst?

      According to, the median compensation of experienced Data Analysts is over $80,000.

      Who is this Data Analyst Career Training for?

      This training program is for you, if you are wanting to have a better life and are willing to put in the effort to do the required work to get there, independent of your background.

      We have a powerful free online assessment tool that helps you determine whether you are a natural to become a Data Analyst, using our learn-by-doing career training program. 

      Are there program prerequisites?

      The only prerequisite is the successful completion of a two-hour online assessment. 

      What happens when I complete the training?

      Upon successful completion of the training, you’ll have the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to qualify for high-paying Data Analyst jobs. You’ll also have in hand a professional portfolio to demonstrate your qualifications to potential employers.

      Given our in-depth knowledge of your qualifications and capabilities upon the completion of your training, we are able to influence potential employers and placement agencies to get you a great Data Analyst job.

      Client Testimonials

      Be wary of companies that pay external vendors to farm and post reviews, many of them are not authentic. Ours come straight from Google, you can’t alter reviews on Google Maps in any way. Don’t take our word for who we are – hear from our clients:

      5 Star Reviews

      Looking for a Data Analyst Training Program?

      We welcome the opportunity to talk through your individual training needs, or that of your team.  Please reach out to us with any questions you might have.   And no, we will not relentlessly hound you with sales calls, we promise!  We are a no pressure, service oriented company.

      Reach out – you’ll be glad you did!