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Advance and validate your DevOps expertise in eight critical areas. The certification program helps you hone your skills and technical understanding to take your career to the next level. Contact our experts to find the next available class today.

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DevOps Foundation

The DevOps Foundation course provides a baseline understanding of key DevOps terminology to ensure everyone is talking the same language and highlights the benefits of DevOps to support organizational success.

Comptia training

DevOps Leader

The DevOps Leader course is a unique and practical experience for participants who want to take a transformational leadership approach and make an impact within their organization by implementing DevOps.

Comptia training

DevSecOps Foundation

The DevSecOps Foundation course explains the purpose, benefits, concepts, vocabulary and applications of DevSecOps and how DevSecOps roles fit with a DevOps culture and organization.
Comptia training

Agile Service Manager

The Agile Service Manager course explains the Agile Manifesto, its core values, principles, Agile Process Improvement, and Agile Process Engineering. Learn the Scrum roles, artifacts, and events as it applies to processes. 

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Get DevOps Institute certified in one or more of these popular areas of focus to  better promote yourself to employers, colleagues and projects. The certification exams cover the latest principles and practices, frameworks, concepts and terms and are developed in collaboration with   industry thought leaders and subject matter experts in the DevOps space.

DevOps Institute Training and Certifications

DevOps Institute is committed to helping DevOps practitioners advance their careers and grow professionally through developing new skills, gaining relevant knowledge, igniting innovative ideas, and fostering continuous learning. As part of this mission, we’ve identified several competencies that are highly desirable when it comes to hiring and retaining DevOps talent in today’s most competitive organizations.

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Why is DevOps Training Important?

An IT person attaining certifications allows the individual to seek promotion, improves the respect by peers and customers, increases the awareness of knowledge, skills and shortcomings and improves self-confidence. Additionally, certifications are ensuring that there is sound code of practices leveraged which results in confidence that compliant and legal work is being performed.” 

Upskilling 2020: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report

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