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This introduction to project management training course provides you with the fundamental knowledge and skills to successfully lead a project from beginning to end. You will gain hands-on project experience through a simulated project case study.

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Introduction to Project Management

  • Leverage key projectmanagementconcepts.
  • Lead a project frombeginning to end.
  • Motivateand lead your project team.
  • Implementeffective projectmanagement processes.
  • Develop theleadership skills needed for successfully planning, managing, and delivering projects ofany sizeand scope.
  • Test your knowledgein theend-of-courseexam.
  • Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching.
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Module 1: Introduction to Project Management

  • Benefits and value of project management|
  • Communication as the key to project success
  • Defining a project
  • Defining projects, programs, and portfolio management
  • The project management process
  • The phases of project management

Activity: The Way Many Projects Start – Chaos

Module 2: Initiating a Project

  • Defining the initiation phase
  • Linking strategic value to the project
  • Business case overview
  • Issue tracking
  • Assumptions
  • Defining the objective of a project
  • Creating the objective statement (the Five “W” questions)
  • Translating the statement into deliverables 

Activity: Building an Objective Statement and Deliverables List

  • Project Charters and other initiating activities
  • Strategic considerations

Module 3: Planning the Project

What a project plan is

  • The narrative planning document
  • Outline of content


  • Defining stakeholders
  • How they contribute to the development of a project plan
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement plan
  • Stakeholder communication plan

Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Defining the WBS
  • How the WBS is developed

Activity: Build the WBS for Class Project

Creating the Project Schedule

  • Identify activities
  • Estimate activities
  • Do Now Activity: Determine Duration of Project Activities
  • Sequencing activities

Activity: Sequence Project Activities (create network diagram)

  • Resourcing the schedule (Identify, Allocate, Optimize)
  • Finalize schedule (Determine project duration, Understand Critical Path, Refining the project to meet objectives and constraints)

Module 4: Project Risk Management

  • Define risk management
  • Risk identification
  • Analyze probability and impacts
  • Risk registers
  • Plan risk responses

Activity: Develop Risk Register for Class Project

  • Contingency plans
  • Early warning signs

Module 5: Baselining the Plan

Change control

  • Process defined
  • Scaling process to fit the project

Project team guidelines

  • Status meetings
  • Schedule updates
  • Issue and risk tracking and reporting

Other considerations

  • Quality management plan
  • Project procurement plan
  • Getting approval to execute a plan

Activity: Team Review of Completed Project Plan

Module 6: Executing the Plan

Defining executing/monitoring and controlling processes

  • The management processes
  • How to monitor and control key plan elements
  • Project status reports
  • Analyzing data against a baseline to determine progress
  • Taking corrective action to meet project constraints

Activity: Review Project Status Report and Schedule

Module 7: Project Closure

Determining if a project is ready to close

  • Transfer of project deliverable(s) to operational control
  • Determining if project objectives and business value have been attained
  • Conducting lessons-learned review
  • Appropriate celebrations
  • Building project management capabilities in organizations

Activity: Course Review and Communication of Learnings

Project Management Training Premium Bundle Details

Premium Blended Training Benefits

The premium training bundle includes the following:

  • The Project Management Fundamentals adaptive eLearning course
  • The 2-day instructor-led Learning Tree Course 296, {course:296}.

Adaptive Learning Modules List

  • Initiating a Project
  • Gathering Requirements
  • Developing the Scope
  • Developing the Schedule – Overview
  • Developing the Schedule – Identifying Activities
  • Developing the Schedule – Estimating Durations
  • Developing the Schedule – Sequencing Activities
  • Developing the Schedule – Scheduling the Project
  • Optimizing the Schedule
  • Executing a Project
  • Identifying and Managing Risks
  • Analyzing and Responding to Risks
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Development Models
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