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This officialISACACRISCtraining provides youwith in-depth coverage on thefour CRISC domains: risk identification; IT risk assessment; risk responseand mitigation; risk and controlmonitoring and reporting. IT and enterpriserisk management is key to an organization’s operationsand strategy. If you arean InformationTechnology professional, risk and control professional, businessanalyst, projectmanager orcompliance professional, this Certified Risk and Information Systems Controltraining course willteach you to defend, protectand future-proof yourenterprise.


Certified Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

In this course, you will:

  • Prepare for and pass the Certified Risk and Information System Controls (CRISC) exam.
  • Identify the universe of IT risk to contribute to the execution of the IT risk management strategy.
  • Analyze and evaluate risk to determine the likelihood and impact on business objectives.
  • Determine risk response options and evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness to manage risk.
  • Continuously monitor and report on IT risks and controls.
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To earn CRISC certification, you must pass the CRISC exam and show three years of experience in the fields of risk management and IS control, per ISACA’s requirements.
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Domain 1 — IT Risk Identification

1.1:Collectand reviewinformation, including existing documentation, regarding the organization’s internaland external businessand IT
environments to identify potential or realized impacts ofIT risk to the organization’s business objectivesand operations.
1.2:Identify potentialthreatsand vulnerabilities to the organization’s people, processesand technology to enableIT risk analysis.
1.3:Develop acomprehensiveset ofIT risk scenarios based on availableinformation to determinethe potentialimpact to business
objectivesand operations.
1.4:Identify key stakeholders for IT risk scenarios to help establish accountability.
1.5:Establish an IT risk register to help ensurethat identified IT risk scenariosareaccounted forand incorporated into theenterprise-wide

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Domain 2 — IT Risk Assessment

2.1:Analyzerisk scenarios based on organizationalcriteria(e.g., organizationalstructure, policies, standards, technology,architecture, controls) to determinethelikelihood and impact ofan identified risk. 

2.2:Identify thecurrentstate ofexisting controlsand evaluatetheireffectiveness for IT risk mitigation. 

2.3:Reviewtheresults ofrisk and controlanalysis to assessany gaps between currentand desired states oftheIT risk environment. 2.4:Ensurethat risk ownership isassigned at theappropriatelevelto establish clear lines ofaccountability. 

2.5:Communicatetheresults ofrisk assessments to senior managementand appropriatestakeholders to enablerisk-based decisionmaking. 2.6:Updatetherisk register with theresults oftherisk assessment. 

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Domain 3 — Risk Response and Mitigation

3.1:Consult with risk owners to selectand align recommended risk responses with business objectivesand enableinformed risk decisions. 3.2:Consult with, orassist, risk owners on the development ofrisk action plans to ensurethat plans include key elements (e.g., response, cost, target date).
3.3:Consult on the design and implementation oradjustment ofmitigating controls to ensurethat therisk is managed to an acceptablelevel. 3.4:Ensurethatcontrol ownership isassigned to establish clear lines ofaccountability.
3.5:Assistcontrol owners in developing control proceduresand documentation to enableefficientand effectivecontrolexecution. 3.6:Updatetherisk register to reflectchanges in risk and management’s risk response.
3.7:Validatethat risk responses have been executed according to therisk action plans.
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Domain 4 — Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting

4.1:Defineand establish key risk indicators (KRIs)and thresholds based on available data, to enable monitoring ofchanges in risk. 4.2:Monitorand analyze key risk indicators (KRIs) to identify changes or trends in theIT risk profile.
4.3:Report on changes or trends related to theIT risk profileto assistmanagementand relevantstakeholders in decisionmaking. 4.4:Facilitatetheidentification ofmetricsand key performanceindicators (KPIs) to enablethe measurement ofcontrol performance. 4.5:Monitorand analyze key performanceindicators (KPIs) to identify changes or trends related to thecontrolenvironmentand determine theefficiency and effectiveness ofcontrols.
4.6:Reviewtheresults ofcontrolassessments to determinetheeffectiveness ofthecontrolenvironment.
4.7:Report on the performance of,changes to, or trends in the overallrisk profileand controlenvironment to relevantstakeholders to enable decisionmaking.
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