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ITIL® is the world’s leading best practice framework for implementing IT service management. Organizations use ITIL to plan, implement, support, and improve services and create value for their customers.

ITIL Training

ITIL 4 Foundation

In this course, you will learn the foundational knowledge and skills for adopting and adapting best practices for IT service management (ITSM) in your organization.

Practice exams and quizzes

Course Objectives

In this course, you will identify, describe, and analyze all components of the ITIL 4 IT service management approach.

You will:

  • Learn key IT service management concepts
  • Understand the ITIL 4 service management framework
  • Embrace new concepts like the Service Value System (SVS) and the Service Value Chain (SVC)
  • Understand ITIL’s 7 Guiding Principles
  • Get an introduction to ITIL 4’s Management Practices
Practice exams and quizzes


This course is designed for anyone who would like a foundational understanding of IT service management, its key principles and practices, and how it will help you deliver better value to your customers. It is appropriate for all IT staff and management, as well as customers who work closely with IT to support business requirements.

This course is also designed for students who are seeking the ITIL 4 Foundation certification and who want to prepare for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam.

    Online Labs

    Course Outline

    Module 00: Course Introduction: ITIL® 4 Foundation

    • The Nature of the Class
    • Agenda
    • AXELOS ITIL 4 Schema
    • Available Resources

    Module 01: Exam Tips

    • Understanding the Exam Process
    • Exam Questions and Grading
    • Taking the Exam
    • Using the Practice Exams

    Module 02:  High-Level Service Management & Key Elements of ITIL 4

    • Where are Services and Service Management Today?
    • Introduction to the Key Elements of ITIL 4:
      • Service Value System (SVS)
      • Four Dimensions Model

    Module 03: ITIL 4 Key Concepts

    • 15 Terms
    • Practical Application
    • Axel Car Hire

    Module 04: Service – Definition & Keys Features

    • What is a Service?
    • Service Provision
    • Service Offering
    • Service Relationship Management
    • Organizational Service Management

    Module 05: Service Offerings & Relationship 

    • Goods
    • Provisioning
    • Consumption

    Module 06: Putting it All Together 

    • Example

    Module 07: The Service Relationship Model

    Module 08: Axel Car Hire Example

    • Value
    • Value Co-Creation
    • Utility
    • Warranty
    • Cost
    • Outcome
    • Output
    • Risk

    Module 09: Critically of Value

    • Utility 
    • Warranty

    Module 10: The Dimensions of Service Management

    • Overview of the Four Dimensions
      • Organizations & People
      • Information & Technology
      • Partners & Suppliers
      • Value Streams & Processes
    • Organization & People
      • Culture

    Module 11: Key Features of Information & Technology 

    • The Changing Role of Technology
    • The Value of Technology
    • The Importance of Data 

    Module 12: Partners & Suppliers

    • Making it All Work
    • Partners & Suppliers
    • Contracts and Agreements

    Module 13: Value Streams and Processes 

    • The Service Value System
    • The Service Value Chain
    • Value Streams
    • Processes

    Module 14: Introduction to ITIL’s Service Value System (SVS)

    • The Objectives
    • The Purpose
    • Overview

    Module 15: Service Value System Components

    • Governance
    • Practices
    • Service Value Chain
    • The Impact of a Poor SVS

    Module 16: Overview of ITIL’s Service Value Chain (SVS)

    • Value Chain Activities
    • What’s included, What’s not
    • Triggers
    • Service value Streams
    • Key Exam Tip

    Module 17: Service Value Chain – Plan

    • The Purpose
    • What’s Included

    Module 18: Service Value Chain – Improve

    • The Purpose
    • What’s Included

    Module 19: Service Value Chain – Engage

    • The Purpose
    • What’s Included

    Module 20: Service Value Chain – Design & Transition

    Module 21: Service Value Chain – Obtain/Build & Deliver & Support

    • The Purpose
    • What’s Included

    Module 22: ITIL’s 7 Guiding Principles

    • What They Do
    • How They Help
    • What They Are
    • Exam Tip
    • Focus on Value

    Module 23: Start Where You Are

    • Definition
    • How it Works

    Module 24: Progress Iteratively with Feedback

    • Definition
    • Application
    • Collaborate & Promote Visibility
      • Definition
      • Application
      • Agile, Lean & DevOps

    Module 25: Think and Work Holistically

    • Definition
    • Implications
    • Keep it Simple and Practical
      • Why Simple is Important
      • Practical Solutions

    Module 26: Optimize & Automate

    • Technology VS. Human Oversight
    • Benefits of Automation

    Module 27: Introduction to Key ITIL Practices

    • Introduce the Concept of a “Practice”
    • Introduce the Three Groups of ITIL Practices
      • General Management
      • Service Management
      • Technical Management

    Module 28: General Management Practices

    • Purpose Statements
    • Information Security Management
    • Relationship Management
    • Supplier Management

    Module 29: Continual Improvement

    • The Purpose
    • The Scope
    • Key Activities
    • Methods and Models
    • Approaches – Lean, Agile, DevOps

    Module 30: The Continual Improvement Model

    • What Does it Say?
    • How it Works

    Module 31: Continual Improvement & Guiding Principles

    • The Details
    • Collaborate & Promote Visibility

    Module 32: Service Management Practices (SMP)

    • Discuss the Purpose of:
      • IT Asset Management
      • Monitoring and Event Management
      • Release Management
      • Service Configuration Management

    Module 33: Service Management Practices – Change Control

    • The Definition
    • The Importance of Change Enablement
    • Emergency Change

    Module 34: Service Management Practices – Incident Management

    • The Definition
    • The Purpose
    • The Process

    Module 35: Service Management Practices – Problem Management

    • The Purpose
    • The Definition
    • Phases

    Module 36: Service Management Practices – Service Requests Management

    • The Definition
    • The Purpose
    • Types of Requests
    • Guidelines

    Module 37:  Service Management Practices – The Service Desk

    • The Purpose
    • The Function
    • Practical Application

    Module 38: Service Level Management (SLM)

    • The Purpose
    • The Definition
    • Skills and Competencies

    Module 39: Information Analysis for Service Level Management

    • The Process
    • Information Sources

    Module 40: Technical Management Practices

    • Discuss the Purpose of:
      • Deployment Management
    • Review the Discussed ITIL Practices

    Module 41: Conclusion

    • Review Exam Content
    • Final Thoughts on Taking the Exam
    Practice exams and quizzes


    Some level of work experience in IT service support or IT service delivery is highly recommended. 

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