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The ITIL 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy Certification is a senior level course/certification designed for individuals with three (3) or more years of management experience. It focuses on the importance and challenges of creating an appropriate digital strategy to enable success across departments and organizations. It also looks at how the digital business strategy can (and should) be integrated into the IT strategy and aligned with the wider organization’s goals.

ITIL Training

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy

The course explores the use of the ITIL framework to support organizations in their digital transformation journey by providing a structured and flexible approach for addressing service management challenges and utilizing the potential of modern technology to get the most value from digital technology. It also adds a new perspective to the ITIL suite and elevates the discussion around ITIL concepts into strategic levels among companies and business leaders.

Practice exams and quizzes

Course Objectives

The course covers the following ITIL 4 practices to enable students to understand the factors that contribute to success in this arena:

  • Architecture Management
  • Measurement and Reporting 
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Service Financial Management
  • Strategy Management
  • Workforce and Talent Management
    Practice exams and quizzes


    The Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) Course can be taken if you have:

        • Taken and completed the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification
        • Taken and completed the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Certification

    Please note that if you are ITIL 4 Managing Professional Certified, completing this course, the 4 case studies and successfully passing the PeopleCert DITS Exam will give you DITS Certification and the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Designation.  If you come to this course from the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification, then you will need to take this course and the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Direct, Plan and Improve Course in addition to this course to achieve the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Designation.

    Online Labs

    Course Outline

    Module 00: Course Introduction

    Module 01: DITS Case Study

    • Analysis of the DITS Case Study and Risk Assessment Report

    Module 02: DITS Overview

    • Background and Introductory Information

    Module 03: DITS and the Guiding Principles

    • Apply the ITIL Guiding Principles to All Aspects of DITS

    Module 04: Key Concepts Applied to Strategy

    • Understand ‘Digital’ Concepts – Digital Technology, Digital Business, Digital Organization, Digital Transformation, Digitization

    Module 05: Products and Services

    • Differentiate Between Product and Service Management, Digital and IT Strategies, Business Strategies and Business Models

    Module 06: DITS and the SVS

    • Opportunity/Demand; Value
    • Governance; Continual Improvement
    • Practices

    Module 07: Strategy Management (StM) Practice

    • Purpose
    • Practice Success Factors

    Module 08: DITS, SVS SVC Creating Value

    • External Analysis: PESTLE 
    • Internal Analysis: Four Dimensions 

    Module 09: Digital Disruption and Organizational Viability

    • Organizational Viability, Agility, Resilience

    Module 10: VUCA (Practical Assignments)

    • Explain and Apply VUCA

    Module 11: Digital Transformation (Practical Assignments)

    • VUCA & Digital Transformation 
    • Applying HVIT Concepts

    Module 12: Digital Disruption and Organizational Viability

    • Three Levels of Digital Disruption: Ecosystem, Industry/Market, Organization

    Module 13: Influencing an Organizational Position

    • Customer/Market Relevance
    • Operational Excellence

    Module 14: Digital Positioning Tools (Practical Assignments)

    • Digital Positioning Tools: Maturity Models, Digital Positioning Models
    • Maturity Models

    Module 15: Digital Positioning Models (Practical Assignments)

    • Digital Positioning Models
    • Practical Assignment #1

    Module 16: Customer/Market Relevance and Operational Excellence

    • Achieve Customer/Market Relevance
    • Customer Vs. Market Relevance Definitions
    • Customer Journey

    Module 17: Omnichannel Delivery and Support

    • Omnichannel Delivery
    • Context Sensitive Delivery and Support
    • Customer Analytics, Customer 360 And Feedback

    Module 18: Achieving Operational Excellence

    • Relationship Between the Four Dimensions and Operational Excellence
    • Competitive Advantage, Continual Improvement, Automation

    Module 19: Service Optimization

    • Service Optimization
    • Technology Replacement Modernization
    • Sourcing Strategies
    • Workforce Strategies
    • Employee 360 Approach

    Module 20: Financial Aspects of DITS

    • Policies 
    • Portfolios

    Module 21: Funding Projects, Products, Services

    • Funding Projects, Products/Services 
    • Balancing Innovation and Operations
    • Charging and Charging Models

    Module 22: Service Financial Management (SFM) Practice

    • Purpose
    • Practice Success Factors

    Module 23: Portfolio Management Practice

    • Purpose
    • Practice Success Factors

    Module 24: Strategic Approaches for Digital Organizations (Practical Assignments)

    • Barrett Model
    • Evolution. Innovation
    • Agility & Resilience
    • Organizational Change Management, Knowledge Management 

    Module 25: Social Responsibility & Sustainability (Practical Assignments)

    • Social Responsibility, Sustainability
    • Triple Bottom Line
    • Employee Fulfillment
    • Practical Assignment #2

    Module 26: Risk and Opportunities

    • Risk Management for Digital Organizations
    • Risk Definitions, DICE, Risk Posture/Capacity/Appetite/Attitude
    • Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment
    • Risk Treatment

    Module 27: Risk Management (RM) Practice

    • Purpose
    • Practice Success Factors

    Module 28: Encouraging & Managing Innovation

    • What Is It 
    • Innovation Management

    Module 29: Technology Adoption Lifecycle

    • Technology Adoption Lifecycle
    • Developing an Innovation Culture

    Module 30: Creating a Digital Strategy

    • Digital Readiness Assessment
    • Evaluating Current Capabilities

    Module 31: Vision and Strategy

    • What is a Vision?
    • Strategic Planning

    Module 32: Using a Business Case for DITS

    • Business Case, Portfolio, and Strategy Relationships
    • Communicating a Business Case
    • Dealing with Resistance

    Module 33: Implementing Digital Strategy

    • Operating Models 
    • Organizational Structure

    Module 34: Architecture Management (AM) Practice

    • Purpose
    • Practice Success Factors

    Module 35: Workforce & Talent Management (WTM) Practice

    • Purpose
    • Practice Success Factors

    Module 36: Skills for Digital Leaders

    • Digital Mindset
    • Communication & Relationship Management 
    • Agile Management 

    Module 37: Leadership Skills

    • Leadership Skills
    • Education/Learning/Training

    Module 38: Strategy Coordination & Implementation (Practical Assignments)

    • Strategy Implementation – General Information
    • Satir Model

    Module 39: Large-Scale Transformation (Practical Assignments)

    • Large-Scale Implementation
    • Incremental Implementation
    • Mergers/Acquisitions
    • Individual Change Implementation
    • Practical Assignment #3

    Module 40: Parallel Operating Models (POMs)

    • Cannibalism, Erosion
    • Concurrence
    • Synergism

    Module 41: Assessing the Success of a DITS

    • Metrics
    • Cascading/Linking Measurements

    Module 42: Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

    • Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)
    • Measurement Principles: Progress, Performance, Relevance

    Module 43: Instrumenting Strategy

    • Instrumenting Strategy
    • Operational Reports/Dashboards
    • Analytical Reports

    Module 44: Measurement and Reporting (MR) Practice

    • Purpose
    • Practice Success Factors

    Module 45: Activities of a Digital Transformation Program (Practical Assignments)

    • Define Activities by Scope and Objective of the Transformation
      Practice exams and quizzes


      Some level of work experience in IT service support or IT service delivery is highly recommended. 

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