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The ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition (Bridge) Course was created by AXELOS to reward individuals with ITIL V3 advanced certifications by enabling them to skip the four (4) courses in the Managing Professional Series of courses and receive the coveted ITIL 4 Managing Professional designation.

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ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Certification Training

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Course Objectives

 In this course students will learn how to practically apply new concepts and receive a solid understanding of each of the 4 modules including:

      • Review the key concepts of service management
      • Understand the four dimensions of service management
      • Comprehend the purpose and components of the ITIL service value system
      • Understand the activities and interconnectivity of the service value chain
      • Learn to plan and build a service value stream that creates, delivers and supports services
      • Review how relevant ITIL practices contribute to the create, delivery and support across the SVS and value streams
      • Learn how to create, deliver and support services
      • Understand how customer journeys are designed and how to foster stakeholder relationships
      • Know how to shape demand, define service offerings, and onboard and off board customers and users
      • Understand how to engage with others to ensure continual value co-creation and how to realize and validate service value
      • Delve into the concepts of the high-velocity nature of the digital enterprise and its demands
      • Gain an understanding of digital product lifecycles and how it integrates into the ITIL operating model
      • Create a solid base on the importance of the ITIL Guiding Principles and concepts to deliver high velocity IT
      • Know how to use the key principles and methods of direction and planning to properly as they relate to the scope of the project
      • Understand the role of GRC and how to integrate the principles and methods into the Service Value System
      • Facilitate Communication and Organizational Change Management
Practice exams and quizzes


You may take this course if you hold any of the below credentials which allows you to advance your career with 1 course and exam and save over $4,000 in ITIL 4 course and exam fees:


  • ITIL V3 Experts
  • Individuals with 17 or more ITIL V3 credits
  • Individuals with 15 or more ITIL V3 Intermediate Credits and ITIL 4 Foundation Certification
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Course Outline

Module 00: Course Introduction: ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition

  • Agenda & Introductions
  • Overview of the Transition Certification
  • Transition Exam Details
  • Materials to Support the Class

Module 01: Foundation

  • Introduction

Module 02: Foundation: Key Definitions

  • Key Definitions
  • Service Offering
  • Service Relationship Management
  • Service Provision
  • Service Consumption

Module 03: Foundation: Dimensions of Service Management

  • Dimensions of Service Management
  • Organizations & People
  • Information & Technology
  • Partners & Suppliers
  • Value Streams & Processes

Module 04: Foundation: Service Value System (SVS)

  • Service Value System (SVS)

Module 05: Foundation: Service Value Chain (SVC)

  • Service Value Chain (SVC)

Module 06: Foundation: Guiding Principles

  • Focus on Value
  • Start Where You Are
  • Progress Iteratively with Feedback
  • Collaborate and Promote Visibility
  • Think and Work Holistically
  • Keep it Simple and Practical
  • Optimize and Automate

Module 07: Foundation Summary

  • Foundation Summary
  • Foundation Sample Questions
  • Foundation Exercise: ITIL4 MPT – Foundation Review v1

Module 08: Direct, Plan & Improve

  • Scope and Strategic Planning
  • Cascading Objectives

Module 09: Direct, Plan & Improve: Policies, Controls and Guidelines

  • Policies, Controls and Guidelines
  • Compliance and Decision-Making Authorities

Module 10: DPI: Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Risk Management and Governance
  • Governance and DPI

Module 11: DPI: Organizational Change Management

  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Impact of OCM and DPI
  • Managing Stakeholders

Module 12: DPI: Effective Communication

  • All About Communication
  • Feedback Channels

Module 13: DPI Summary 

  • DPI Summary
  • DPI Sample Exam Questions
  • DPI Exercise

Module 14: Create, Deliver & Support

  • Organizational Structures
  • Collaboration vs. Cooperation
  • Team Competencies

Module 15: CDS: Team Culture & Differences

  • Team Culture & Differences

Module 16: CDS: Employee Satisfaction Management

  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer-Orientation
  • Communication
  • Workforce Planning

Module 17: CDS: Results-Based Measuring & Reporting

  • Measuring and Reporting
  • Continual Improvement

Module 18: CDS: Know How Practices Contribute

  • Service Value Streams
  • Designing Service Value Streams
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Metrics for Value Streams

Module 19: CDS: The Value Stream for a New Service

  • Value Streams for a New Service

Module 20: CDS: The Value Stream for User Support

  • Value Stream for User Support

Module 21: CDS: Know How to Create, Deliver & Support

  • Managing Queues and Backlogs
  • Prioritizing Work
  • Shift-left
  • Sourcing

Module 22: CDS Summary

  • CDS Summary
  • CDS Sample Exam Questions
  • CDS Exercise

Module 23: Drive Stakeholder Value

  • Customer Journey
  • Benefits

Module 24: DSV: Explore to Engage

  • Mutual Readiness
  • Managing Suppliers & Partners
  • Service Relationship Types
  • Building Service Relationships (Three C’s of Trustworthiness)
  • Service Provider Capabilities and Customer Needs

Module 25: DSV: Shape, Demand and Define Service Offerings

  • Design Digital Service Experiences – Lean
  • Design Digital Service Experiences – Agile
  • Service Design Thinking and Service Blueprinting

Module 26: DSV: Designing Digital Service Experiences

  • Design for Onboarding
  • Selling and Procuring

Module 27: DSV: Agree

  • Onboarding and Offboarding Activities
  • Relating with Users and Fostering Relationships
  • User Engagement and Delivery Channels

Module 28: DSV: Onboard

  • Enabling Users for Service
  • Elevating Mutual Capabilities
  • Offboarding

Module 29: DSV: Co-Create

  • Ongoing Service Interactions
  • Service Requests
  • Moments of Truth & Intelligent Disobedience

Module 30: DSV: User Communities

  • User Communities and User Feedback

Module 31: DSV: Realize Value

  • Service Value and Value Realization
  • Tracking Performance, Outputs, and Outcomes

Module 32: DSV: The Customer Journey

  • Evaluate and Improve the Customer Journey
  • Continual Improvement
  • Charging and Billing

Module 33: DSV Summary

  • DSV Summary
  • DSV Sample Exam Questions
  • DSV Exercise

Module 34: High Velocity IT

  • HVIT Terms
  • Digital Transformation

Module 35: HVIT: Objectives

  • Valuable Investments
  • Fast Development, Resilient Operations
  • Value Co-creation; Assured Conformance

Module 36: HVIT: ITIL 4 and the Digital Product Lifecycle

  • Four Dimensions
  • Service Value System

Module 37: HVIT: Service Value Chain

  • Service Value Chain
  • SVC and the Consumer 
  • SVC and Value Streams
  • Digital Product Lifecycle

Module 38: HVIT: Fundamental Concepts for Delivering HVIT

  • Five behaviors for HVIT
  • Principles, Models and Concepts
    • Purpose, People, Process
  • Purpose: Ethics; Design Thinking

Module 39: HVIT: Safety Culture

  • People: Safety Culture
  • Progress: Complex Environments

Module 40: HVIT: Lean Culture

  • Progress: Lean; Toyota Kata
  • HVIT Approaches
    • Lean, Agile, Resilient, Continuous
  • Service Dominant Logic

Modules 41: HVIT Summary

  • HVIT Summary
  • HVIT Samples Exam Questions
  • HVIT Exercise

Module 42: Managing Professional Transition Summary

    • Summary Recap of Foundation, DPI, CDS, DSV, HVIT
  • Full Sample Exam


Practice exams and quizzes


Some level of work experience in IT service support or IT service delivery is highly recommended. 

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