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Enjoy the best in Leadership: Making an Impact and Inspiring Your Organization Training

Put aside the overhyped new frameworks. The critical leadership practices – the one that will
allow a leader to make the biggest impact over time – are well established. They’re about how
you create a vision and inspire others to follow it. How you make difficult strategic choices.
How you lead innovation. How you get results. These fundamental skills are even more
important today as organizations and teams become increasingly networked, virtual, agile, fast-
moving, and socially conscious.

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Leadership: Making an Impact and Inspiring Your Organization

This course distills proven ideas and frameworks about leadership from Harvard Business Review, while making the learning very applicable, interactive, and hands-on.

Network+ Training

Course Topics

  • Building a Vision
  • Developing a Strategy
  • Getting Great People on Boards
  • Focusing on Results
  • Innovating for the Future
  • Leading Yourself
Network+ Training

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Building a Unifying Vision

    • What is Leadership?
    • How to develop as a Leader: The Six Practices
    • What is a Vision?
    • Elements of a Vision
    • Crafting Your Vision

    o Evaluate Current Vision

    o Develop a Starting Point Vision

    o Engage Stakeholders

    o Align People’s Work to the Vision

    Lesson 2: Developing a Strategy

    • What is a Strategy?
    • The Process of Strategy
    • Developing a Process to Make Strategic Choices

    o Set the Stage

    o Set Strategic Goals

    o Understand Your Current Situation

    o Develop Options for Where and How to Compete

    o Assess Options, Engage Stakeholders, and Move Towards Decisions

    o Allocated Resources and Manage Implementation

    Lesson 3: Getting Great People on Board

    • Assembling Your Leadership Team

    o Recruit the Right Leaders

    o Make Tough Decisions

    o Build Your Team and Coordinate an Organization of Teams

    • Harness Performance Feedback
    • Get Through with Tough Feedback
    • Team Feedback
    • Feedback Throughout the Organization
    • Fostering Learning and Development

    o Put Your Time into Top Talent

    o Stretch Your High Potentials

    o Sharing Your Incentives Philosophy

    o Make Your Incentive Philosophy Explicit

    • Shaping a Culture for Executing Your Strategy
    • Define Your Cultural Goals
    • Shift the Culture
    • Harness Performance Feedback
    • Foster Career Development

    Lesson 4: Focusing on Results

    • Setting High Performance Goals and Holding People Accountable
    • Rachet Up Expectations
    • Reducing Organizational Complexity
    • Building Capabilities While Growing Results
    • Maintaining Organizational Discipline
    • Get the Right Metrics
    • Set an Effective Organizational Review Cadence
    • Lead Candid Dialog
    • The Leadership Difference

    Lesson 5: Innovating for the Future

    • Balancing the Present and the Future
    • Creating the Bandwidth to Focus on the Future
    • Taking a Portfolio Approach
    • Getting Ready for the Future

    o Build a Surplus for Fund the Future

    o Incremental Innovation

    o Set the Horizons for Breakthrough Innovation

    • Shaping the Future
    • Disruptive Innovation
    • Corporate Venturing and Partnering
    • Lean Innovation
    • Encourage Controlled Failure
    • Build a Future-Focused Culture

    o Developing a Learning Capability

    o Incentivizing Innovation

    o Modeling Innovative Thinking

    o Sustainability

    Lesson 6: Leading Yourself

    • Knowing Yourself

    o Your Character, Purpose, Values, Style and Habits

    o Your Knowledge and Skills

    o Getting the Outside Perspective

    • Growing Yourself

    o Choosing and Approach for Learning: Formal, Informal, On-The-Job

    o Learn from Others

    • Sharing Yourself

    o Growing Others

    o Broadening Horizons

    • Taking Care of Yourself

    o Personal Strategies

    o Achieving Broader Balance

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At the same time as you’ll learn new hard skills, you’ll develop important soft skills, including the ability to focus, pay attention to detail, communicate, solve problems, use logic and make correct decisions, plan ahead and do it right the first time, persevere, learn from failure, and adapt to changing conditions, among others.

If you have the capability to learn and the desire to grow, this training program is for you, independent of your formal education.

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We offer more than just Leadership: Making an Impact and Inspiring Your Organization Training Training

We offer more than just Leadership: Making an Impact and Inspiring Your Organization Training Training

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