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This course provides prerequisite skills supporting a broad range of Microsoft products, including Windows Server, Windows Client, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft SQL Server, System Center, and more. In keeping with that goal, this course will not focus on any one of those products, although Windows Server, which is the common platform for all of those products, will serve as the example for the techniques this course teaches.

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Microsoft Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell (M10961)

PowerShell for administering and automating administration of Windows servers.

In this course, students will learn the skills to identify and build the command they require to perform a specific task. In addition, students learn how to build scripts to accomplish advanced tasks such as automating repetitive tasks and generating reports.

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Module 1: Getting started with Windows PowerShell

  • Overview and Background of Windows PowerShell
  • Understanding command syntax
  • Finding commands
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Module 2: Cmdlets for administration

  • Active Directory administration cmdlets
  • Network configuration cmdlets
  • Other server administration cmdlets
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Module 3: Working with the Windows PowerShell Pipeline

  • Understanding the pipeline
  • Selecting, Sorting, and Measuring Objects
  • Filtering Objects Out of the Pipeline
  • Enumerating Objects in the Pipeline
  • Sending pipeline data at output
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    Module 4: Understanding How the Pipeline Works

    • Passing the Pipeline Data
    • Advanced considerations for Pipeline Data
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    Module 5: Using PSProviders and PSDrives

    • Using PSProviders 
    • Using PSDrives
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      Module 6: Querying System Information Using WMI and CIM

      • Understanding WMI and CIM
      • Querying Data by using WMI/CIM
      • Making Changes with WMI/CIM 
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        Module 7: Working with Variables, Arrays, and Hash Tables

        • Using Variables
        • Manipulating variables
        • Manipulating Arrays and Hash Tables
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          Module 8: Basic Scripting

          • Introduction to Scripting
          • Scripting Constructs
          • Importing Data from Files
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            Module 9: Advanced Scripting

            • Accepting User Input
            • Overview of Script Documentation
            • Troubleshooting and Error Handling
            • Functions and Modules
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              Module 10: Administering Remote Computers

              • Using Basic Windows PowerShell Remoting
              • Using Advanced Windows PowerShell remoting techniques
              • Using PSSessions
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                Module 11: Using Background Jobs and Scheduled Jobs

                • Using Background Jobs
                • Using Scheduled Jobs
                Online Labs

                Module 12: Using Advanced PowerShell Techniques and Profiles

                • Creating Profile Scripts
                • Using Advanced PowerShell Techniques
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                Intended Audience

                This course is intended for IT Professionals who are already experienced in general Windows Server and Windows Client administration, and who want to learn more about using Windows PowerShell for administration. No prior experience with any version of Windows PowerShell, or any scripting language, is assumed. This course is also suitable for IT Professionals already experienced in server administration, including Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, System Center, and others.

                After completing this course, students will be able to:

                • Describe the functionality of Windows PowerShell and use it to run and find basic commands.
                • Identify and run cmdlets for server administration.
                • Work with Windows PowerShell pipeline.
                • Describe the techniques Windows PowerShell pipeline uses.
                • Use PSProviders and PSDrives to work with other forms of storage.
                • Query system information by using WMI and CIM.
                • Work with variables, arrays, and hash tables.
                • Write basic scripts in Windows PowerShell.
                • Write advanced scripts in Windows PowerShell.
                • Administer remote computers.
                • Use background jobs and scheduled jobs.
                • Use advanced Windows PowerShell techniques.
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                • Experience with Windows networking technologies and implementation.
                • Experience with Windows Server administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
                • Experience with Windows Client administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting
                • Students who attend this training can meet the prerequisites by obtaining equivalent knowledge and skills through practical experience as a Windows system administrator. No prerequisite courses are required.
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